Tuesday, December 4, 2007
لا يوجد حر بيننا ....اذا كان احدنا سجين
None of us is free if one of us in chain..
Egypt is not free..if Egyptian MEN are in jail

Just a quick reminder together with total support to the above mentioed brave men...In Egypt there are thousands of honorable Egyptians in prison..totally forgotten and away from the media. They and thier families suffer daily and many have been suffering for long long years to survive.. to physically hold up against the criminal police regime in Egypt, to keep thier families,mothers and wives away in a way from humiiation on the path of raising thier little ones..We are starting a campaign for Ayman Nour since he is starting his third year in prison on the 5th of december. We will all support this great encouragment to those brave men who have to stand infront of military courts against all rights in a civil state.But while we are doing this, we have to remember others are starting thier tenth year with no charges and no attention and no support. May Allah give us the power to assist all of them and May Allah give patience to El Shater, Abou el Fetouh and all of their brave colleagues in prison. Please let me know if I and the people I know can do anything anytime for them and thier famiies.

Gameela Ismail
I dont think I only speaking of myself when I say I did not expect any less support from you Gameela. We should never forget the causes of others, simply because freedom is never real unless its for all. If its not, then you never know who will be out and who will be in tomorrow, so its not real freedomWe should stand united in our call for freedom, and let aside our differences. That does not mean we should forget about them, but we should attempt to resolve them in a civilized manner, where diversity is accepted and appreciated, and freedom is for all.No matter how different them seem, the cases of Ayman Nour, Khayrat El Shater, Talaat El Sadat and others are all the same. They are attempts by the regime to silence its opposition, regardless of this opposition's political orientation.

أود أن أذكر بأن وقفاتنا من أجل سجناء الحرية في مصر تصنع فرقاومن ثم فلن نتخاذل يوما في الدفاع عن شرفاء مصر السجناء من كافة التياراتوأحيي مدام جميلة على تذكيرها بأن التضامن لا يكون فقط مع القادة الكبار وحسب بل بالأحرى والأجدر مع الضعفاء وغير المعروفين بالاسم والذين لا يجدون من يتذكرهم للأسف... دعونا نتضامن من أجل الحرية... دعونا نكون بشرا!أكثر ما يحزنني هو كم الإحباط الذي تسرب إلى الكثيرين حتى شرعوا يشككون في جدوى
التضامن والوقوف من أجل الحريةولكن الحقيقة أن أشياءنا الصغيرة ووقفاتنا وكلماتنا تصنع فرقاوستصنع
Mina Zekry
All of us must know this....All of us are in the same battle....All of us are in the same tunnel....Today Elshater , Malek , Nour.....etc.....tomorrow me , he , she and you.....they are Freedom fighter....and we must support them and we will not stop supporting them.....
Medo Magdy
كان ما تم نقله بالاعلي هو مجموعة تعليقات علي تدوينة
Best 4o men in jail
علي الفيس بوك
وبعد ان قرأنا جميعا مطالبة الاستاذه جميلة اسماعيل بالوقوف مع المعتقلين الغير معروفين اعلاميا
واستعدادها لمساعدة عائلات المعتقلين
اليس من الواجب ان نقف جميعا بجوارها في ذلك اليوم
اسلام العدل
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